Current Projects

Though the posts here have been, to put it kindly, a bit sporadic, I have been thinking about posting for a while — if that counts for anything.   Here’s what I am currently doing:

Band Projects: I am working in a couple of duos right now, one with Keith Van Winkle called Stolen Apples, and the other with Turlach Boylan called The Tae Company.  Both duos are working on recordings, and I will post when either have CDs or DLs available.

Session Projects: After working with Will Leathem over the past two years, I am happy to report that the session at Prospero’s Books (on 39th St.) is going on its third year as of this month.  It is a great session, meeting around 7pm on the second Saturday of each month, and anchored by myself, Alex Henry, and Turlach Boylan — with significant help from Keith Van Winkle, and Dave Agee.  Additionally, the Browne’s session, held on the third Friday of the month, is also going well.  That session begins around 6pm, and Browne’s is at 33rd and Pennsylvania.

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