About Eddie

I am a musician currently living in Kansas City, Missouri.  I was born in East Virginia, and have lived up and down the east coast and midwest of the US — from Miami to Detroit, and several months in NYC.  I began playing guitar around twelve years old, and started writing songs soon after.  I used to write songs and play them for my extended family, and I always tried to get them to sing with me . . . sometimes successfully! I believe that singing together is powerful and bonding regardless of how well one does it.  Through the years of triumph and tribulation in both love and in work, music has been my constant companion.  Always fascinated with making things, I have worked a pretty wide variety of jobs.  I actually had a paper route as a kid!  During High School I worked for a motorboat repair company, and then sailboat repair company — where I met people who hired me to crew a couple of regattas.  I also enjoy carpentry, and worked building homes and decks during the summers.  After High School I worked in Steel Mills in North Carolina and South Carolina, and a Paper Mill in Tennessee while trying to decide what I wanted to do with my life — and I guess in some ways I’m trying to figure that one out still!  During college I did what most kids do, working in restaurants and bars.  For a month one summer after my sophomore year I stayed at a Cistercian Monastery on the coast of South Carolina — as it was Trappist, I became fascinated with monastic sign language, which developed into an interest in ASL. During my junior year I began tutoring, and also began to give music lessons.  Before I began my senior year I spent the summer as a brigadista in Nicaragua, helping build latrines in rural communities, and working in co-op farming projects.  By “building latrines” I mean digging 25-foot holes in the ground, and making concrete forms for the base and seat of an outhouse.  It was very glamorous.


Eddie moved to the Midwest in the early 1990s, and Kansas City, Missouri in 2000.


He is currently engaged in a number of music projects

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